Portrait Pricing and Procedures:

All pricing includes a photo session with the artist-  in certain circumstances a picture from the client may be used, but I prefer to work from my own photos. 

Please note that the size of the commission is determined by the amount of the person's body that is drawn.

Prices below include a single figure with a plain background and simple clothing.  For a more complicated background, clothing, interior, toys, etc. (pets not included), add 15-50% of the single figure price for each addition, depending on the amount of the addition. For each additional figure the price of a single figure of the appropriate size will be added.

Prices do not include framing or shipping.    Portraits are executed on acid free museum board or acid free drawing paper .  Sizes may be slightly adjusted for artistic composition.

11"wide x 14"high    Child under 2 years    Bust (head and shoulders, no hands)    $250

13"x16"                     Child 2 to 4 years      Bust                                                    $300

14"x18"                     Child under 2 years   Half Body (bust with hands)               $400

16"x20"                     Person over 4 years   Bust                                                    $400

16"x20"                     Child 2 to 7 years      Half Body                                           $500

18"x24                      Person over 7 years   Half Body                                            $600

18"x24"                    Child under 2 years   Full Body (head to feet visible)            $600

18"x24"                    Child 2 to 7 years      Nearly Full Body (feet not visible)       $600

20"x32"                    Child 2 to 7 years      Seated Full Body                                 $700

27"x32"                    Person over 7 years   Nearly Full Body                                 $800

32"x40"                    Person over 7 years   Seated Full Body                                 $900

Frances and Lily
16" x 20"
Graphite and Pastel on Mat Board
Example of child, 2-7 yrs old
Half BodyElizabeth
16" x 20"
Graphite and Pastel on Mat Board
Example of Person over 4
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